Vuzix SMART Glasses Technology Brings AR and Holographic Display to Eyewear

Now, before self-destructing on top of a cliff, sunglasses may have the actual potential to display a secret communication video thanks to the latest Vuzix SMART Glasses Technology. This latest development from one of the leading video eyewear, Vuzix, features built-in HD display engines and advanced waveguide optics that paves a new way for new optics and display solutions. For years, Wearable Head Mounted Displays followed a bulky and an unusual design that made them inconvenient and unattractive. This is due to their traditional refractive or reflective optical technology that is encumbered by the constraints of then current optical technologies. Vuzix and its SMART Glasses Technology is no longer limited by these old technologies, their new display engine allows for high contrast and brightness while maintaining a stylish and compact form factor. SMART Glasses uses a 1.4 mm thick polymer waveguide lens that features input and output hologram structure on the outside that compresses light into a waveguide. The light then is two dimensionally enlarged to display the image back into the user’s eye for a surreal image that borders on reality. The best part of this optical breakthrough is that it’s small enough to fit in a normal pair of eyewear.

SMART Glasses are more than just eyewear mounted television or monitor; they are also specially designed to work with other SMART devices online. These SMART Glasses are highly interactive and are able to combine digital and virtual information with the real world to expand the user’s field of perception. Vuzix designed these technology for both indoors and outdoors, and day and night operation. They also plan to release monocular and binocular designs for multiple applications and markets.

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