Vibroy – Stick It Anywhere and Start Rockin'

Sometimes life can be so boring, whether at work, at home, or in school. So, what to do to get over with this boredom? Listen to your favorite music? Yes, that will do the trick! Why not play some dance music from J. Lo, or perhaps, a few soothing R&B songs from Usher? And while listening, why not do some dance movements to shake those blues away? That would be so cool! Got two left feet? No worries! If you can’t dance, then let the objects inside your room do the movements for you. How? Stick the Vibroy to any of your stuff and start rockin’!

Why the name Vibroy? Because this speaker vibrates – it basically transforms sound waves into viagra 100mg england physical vibrations, which are then transmitted to the object where you stick it in. So whether you stick it in your old consumed pringles can or juice tetra pack, this geek gadget will sure take the boredom away from your system.

Vibroy can be used with any of your cool gadgets that use a standard 3.5mm audio jack. Your smartphone is one of them, also your PC, laptop, and MP3 player can very much be paired to this cool gadget accessory.

To use this vibration speaker, all you need are 2 AAA batteries. But it comes with a USB power cable too, so if you don’t have available AAA speakers, you can always connect this to any of your speaker via its USB port.

So, want to start rockin’? Then, get the Vibroy here today!

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