V-moda vamp – iPhone Case and Headphone Amp in One

If you’re a hardcore audiophile and purist, and you wish there’s something to help you push the audio quality of your iTunes music library to the limits, then you don’t just need a high quality headphone – you need the new V-Moda VAMP integrated headphone amplifier, DAC, and battery pack for iPhone 4/4S. This device features 150mW x 2 amplifier, dedicated pure Digital-Analog-Convertor (DAC), VQ audio improvements, optical audio output, and 8-hour 2200mAh lithium-ion battery miraculously crammed into a solid aircraft-grade brushed metal case by the god of music, Apollo himself so that you transform your ordinary iPhone 4/4S into an advanced and stylish high fidelity device.

The 150mW x 2 amplifier are designed to go around the iPhone’s internal amp, that’s sad to say is designed for smaller ear buds, to meet the demands of even the most demanding professional grade headphones. Its volume knob allows fine adjustment of the volume, and its hi/lo gain switch allows adjustment of the output level. The VAMP’s Dedicated Digital to Analog Converter on the other hand extracts the iPhone’s digital output and changes it into its analog form for the purest and unparalleled audio reproduction. VAMP also offers two audio modes, the PURE mode, which is indicated by a red LED light on the toggle switch, outputs audio in its original form while the VQ mode, which is indicated by a green LED light on the toggle switch,

enhances the music listening experience with a slight spatial 3D soundstage, deeper bass, and increased treble. Additionally, VAMP supports S/PDIF/Toslink digital audio output for transforming your iPhone into an instant Hi-Fi source.

More of V-moda products can be found here.

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