USB Flower Pot – Caring for that Flower the Easy Way

Do you love flower planting, yet you can’t

find time to grow one because you’re too busy working? Well, you can always make use of your free time to do that, how about during weekends? Oh, you’re occupied with other duties too! Okay, then let’s put it this way – why not grow that flower right in front of your desktop or workstation, so caring for it will be a lot easier for you? Sounds silly, right? But yes, that’s possible! For busy people like you who want to grow and care for a flower pot yet can’t find time to do it in a real garden, you can very much take advantage of this cool geek gadget – the USB Flower Pot!

No tools required, no need to get your hands dirty, and no more hassle going to your garden just to plant that flower and care for it to grow! The USB Flower Pot makes everything a breeze for you – all you need to do is connect it on your PC or laptop via the USB cable, and you’ll be reminded in an instant if it’s time to water it or give it much-needed sunlight. But hey, don’t forget to install that software with the drive attached before you start to use that auto-reminding function because that won’t work if the software isn’t installed.

Here’s the complete summary of features of this product:

– Adds more fun to your work and life
– Looks fashionable and film structure
– Plants may absorb the radiation from the PC
– PC will remind watering, sunshine and caring automatically so that your flowers can grow healthily
– 3 LED lights on the flower pot remind watering, sunshine and caring respectively
– Write flower diary to record your feeling when planting flowers
– Support Window 7 / Vista / XP
– Dimension: 116 x 116 x 110mm (approx.)
– Weight: 195g

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself the USB Flower Pot and start growing that flower today!

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