Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Headset – Serious Wireless Gaming Sound for Serious Gamers

Turtle Beach is again ready to rock all the gaming enthusiasts with passion for sound with the new Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 premium wireless gaming headset. The XP400 is also Turtle Beach’s offering to users who are tight on a budget but still getting the best value for their money. It features 2.4/5Ghz dual-band Wi-Fi RF wireless technology that gets rid of undersirable interferences with other devices especially when you have wireless network at home. With dual-pairing technology, the XP400 allows wireless chatting on Xbox 360 or PS3 while also letting you answer mobile phone calls. The headset uses wonderful 360 degree Dolby wireless surround sound with adjustable surround sound angles to deliver a more immersive gaming experience. It is also outfitted with multiple EQ presets to further customize the audio output in specific gaming environment.

The XP400 is powered by re-chargeable LiPo battery that can operate up to 15 hours of use with a single charge and can be re-charged while you are playing and using the headset. To save battery power, the headset has automatic audio mute and automatic shut down once carrier signal is lost. It comes with large sized 50mm speakers and designed with acoustically tuned ear cups plus breathable mesh ear cushions to deliver superior audio reliability and great comfort a serious gamer needs. The Variable Mic Monitor adjusts your voice level that is heard on the headset so you don’t need to shout just to be clearly heard on the other line.

Availability of the XP400 will be this first quarter with a tag price of $219.95. You may pre-order now here!

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