Turn your iPad or iPhone into a Practice Rig with Guitar Connect Pro

It seems like iPad accessories are here to stay as the iPad 3 will soon be unveiled. So, what have you got so far? Yesterday, we featured here at Geekie something that gamers will love, and it’s called Duo Pop – the iPad accessory that will sure turn one’s iPad gaming experience from fun to more fun. Today, it’s the musicians turn, specifically the guitarists. Whether you are a pro or a budding guitarist, you need to have constant practice in order to master your craft. But if before you need to be in a studio or need to use complicated equipment for practice, now you don’t have to. As long as you have an iPad or an iPhone, all you will need is the Guitar Connect Pro.

So, how can this product be of use to you? Simple. You just plug your guitar into your iPad using this accessory, and you’ll be able to enjoy 100% digital connection from your instrument to GarageBand. This product features a 1/4″ mono instrument jack at one end for your instrument cable and a dock connector at the other end for your iPad or iPhone. Once you connect your instrument to this, you can control the strength of your input signal, so this is just perfect for your practice sessions.

So, why waste time and effort going to a studio or waste money buying expensive equipment just for practice? Turn your iPad and iPhone into a practice rig now! Get the Guitar Connect Pro at Geekie Store.

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