Turn Your iPad into an Arcade Machine with iCade Core

The arcade, it is the ultimate proving ground for gamers even before there was the World Cyber Games or any other e-sports. This is the place where Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong reign supreme and gamers battle it out as they try to thwart each other’s top scores or end each other winning streak the old school way – face to face and mano a mano. Nostalgic as it is, the golden age of the arcade games is over but it doesn’t mean you can relieve all your favorite classic games. Enter the new iCade Core – an authentic arcade-style full-sized joystick and 8-button controller for your iPad and iPad 2 with a totally retro look and feel. Bring the fun and excitement of arcade gaming to your Apple iPad using iCade Core’s specially made cradle – simply connect this device to your iPad via Bluetooth and you’re good to go. This device comes with safe loading and unloading features that hold your iPad securely in place even in the most adrenaline inducing games, and a special design that offers a great viewing angle in either portrait or landscape mode. Also, located just below the cradle is a custom pass-thru opening that would allow you to recharge your iPad while playing using your own 30-pin cable.

The iCade Core supports the greatest arcade games for iPad and iPad 2 including PAC-MAN, Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone, as well as the latest iOS games. For freebies, this game controller also comes with an Atari Greatest Hits app with a free downloadable game, and 2 AA batteries.

Start smashing and mashing your way to a top score, get your arcade controllers here.

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