TRITTON SwitchBlade Wireless Headset for PS3 – Wireless Freedom of Speech

Relaying messages, expressions, and commands on screen are good for PC gaming, co-op games on PS3 need a more direct approach – speech. There’s nothing like a flurry of verbal diarrhea to express how you feel over the net when you just got pawned, over and over again. Kidding aside, giving orders and communicating verbally are much faster and more efficient especially when playing tense fast paced multi-player games. Shouting rather than typing fire in the hole can mean the difference between a healthy soldier and a blinking health bar. Keep an efficient communication channel and focus more on your game by using a headset, and choosing the new TRITTON’s SwitchBlade Wireless Headset wouldn’t hurt either. This sleek wireless headset for Sony PS3 features a sleek design and advanced Bluetooth 2.0 technology for a true hands-free communication.

To use, simply flip open the fold-away boom microphone to turn the headset on and return it on the stylish docking base when done for fast recharging and handy storing. The SwitchBlade easily connects to your PS3 console and mobile phone at the same time, enabling you to smoothly switch between online chatting and an inbound phone call with a mere push of a button. TRITTON SwitchBlade’s boom mic also has a built-in function which picks up speech clearly. Its high-tech noise reduction technology suppresses ambient noise in loud environments to guarantee that only your voice gets transmitted over the other end of the line. For private offline conversations, gamers can also use the integrated mute button to turn off the mic functions with a simple press of a button.

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