Toshiba Tecra R950 – For an Ultimate Mobile Experience

If your work requires you to be always on the go, then you need an equally reliable laptop that you can carry with you anytime, anywhere. Now, if your existing laptop is not too reliable in terms of portability and performance, then it’s high time yo

u get replacement. There are lots of new laptop models being introduced these days, but to ensure you get the ultimate mobile experience, consider three important factors: design, performance, and add-on features. The Toshiba Tecra R950 Laptop seems to fit the bill. Read more to find out why.

Design-wise, the Tecra R950 is unbelievably thin for a 15.6-inch laptop, which means added convenience for you when you travel. It’s also made with fiberglass reinforced casing, so you can expect it to be highly durable and rigid, which is exactly what you need from a laptop. And since it uses EasyGuard Technology, this is also protected from accidental bumps and spills, so even when your kids are nearby, you

need not worry about it getting damaged early.

Now you might say, “There are other thinner laptops out there, why would I choose the Tecra over them?” Well, the answer is simple – it uses only full-voltage 3rd-generation Intel® Core™ processor! It also features optional ATI™ graphics with 1GB dedicated memory, so if you want to enjoy improved visual experience, you certainly can do so with this Toshiba product.

Toshiba is one name that you surely can rely on when it’s ultimate mobile experience that you’re after. Click here to buy one.

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