Toshiba Blue-ray Disc Players – Smarter than Ever!

Toshiba’s Blue-ray Disc players just got smarter – the technological giant released their new range of Smart Blue-ray players with Aero Design, direct audio and video streaming capabilities, and a number of connectivity options. Their new Smart Blue-ray Disc Players are especially designed to satisfy all your entertainment cravings in one neat package. One of the new features shared among these upcoming entertainment gadgets is the Aero Design that perfectly complements Toshiba’s Aero Family LED televisions. All their new Blue-ray players will come with the silver Aero wing and low profile form factor with the 3D models will be coming in a wider chassis to better suit other home theater devices and accessories. Other new features include A/V Streaming and MediaShare. These new players will be bundled with Netflix, VUDU, and YouTube audio and video streaming applications and a simple DLNA interface for easily sharing media contents across the home network. Finally, there’s the USB Video for enjoying different multimedia files instantly straight from any USB thumb drives.

For High Definition 2D entertainment, there are the new BDX2300 and BDX3300 Smart Blu-ray Disc players. Both have 1080p full HD playback, and A/V online streaming capabilities, Dolby True HD and DTS HD 7.1 channel surround sound, and HDMI and USB Video ports. The Wi-Fi ready BDX2300 will be available in April while the Wi-Fi enabled BDX3300 will be available in May.

For a truly immersive 3D entertainment, Toshiba offers the BDX4300 and BDX5300 3D Smart Blu-ray Disc players. They have all the bells and whistles of the 2D models but with the addition of 1080p 3D HD playback, and an integrated Wi-Fi connectivity for the BDX5300. Both players will hit the shelves by April.

More Toshiba Blu-ray players can be found here.

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Toshiba Remote SE-R0418 f Blu-ray DVD BD Player BDK33 BDX2300 BDX3300 BDX5300 KU
Toshiba Remote SE-R0418 f Blu-...
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