Top 5 Nerf Gadgets

Sure, fast-paced and action intensive First Person Shooter games with their jaw dropping graphics and immersive game play are fun to play but still nothing beats imagination specially when coupled with a few friends and foam dart blasters. Yes, that same type of foam darts, discs, or foam balls firing toy weapons that kids and adult like. Who needs a mouse for a trigger when you get one of these top Nerf gadgets, choose your sides, form your army, and dish out some fun?

First on the list is the NERF Vortex Nitron disc blaster. The NITRO blaster with its advanced acceleration trigger can automatically fire a flurry of discs at long ranges for a full frontal assault. It comes with Centerfire Tech electronic scope that can help you keep your aim using pulsing targeting lights. Its ample 20-disc magazine and mod-friendly Tactical Rail System compatibility are sure to keep you in the action for a while before reloading. This automatic disc blaster requires 6 C and 2 AAA batteries to operate.

Next on the list is not really a typical blaster but it is so innovative of a foam dart blaster that it made it on this list. The Zing Air Hunterz Benda’ Blaster is an air powered blaster that fires suction cup foam darts in ANY direction as you squeeze the grip. It’s the closest thing a toy dart blaster can get to the famous CornerShot weapon system. With the Air Hunterz Benda’ Blaster, you can simply hide behind and corner and start firing to baffle your opponents without exposing yourself. This bendable blaster toy comes with camouflage design, 4 foam darts, ammo holder, and aiming sight.

If you want to go all Rambo on your Nerf fight, then the Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow is your perfect weapon of choice. This fast firing bow can propel arrows up to 125 feet. It uses two bounce-back arrows and one suction cup arrow kept in an arrow clip.

Fourth on the list is the Tommy gun of dart blasters – sporting a special drum magazine with a large 35 rounds capacity, this N-STRIKE RAIDER RAPID FIRE would leave your opponents dodging left and right without the need for frequent reloading. Its magazine comes with a clear window so that you can see if you’re getting low on ammo. It also comes with a pump-action handle that allows the user to adjust the rate of fire, and two blasting mode that can be set to either single or multiple shot. Other features include an adjustable shoulder stock, tactical rail support, and a good ol’ gangster-era and WWII feel every time you hold it.

Finally, to complete the top Nerf gadgets is the NERF Super Soaker Tornado Strike. Just the name of the toy itself is enough to earn it the right to be on this list. This powerful pump blaster shoots a stream of spinning water to soak and drench your opponents up to 20 feet away – and that’s just coming from one pump. Add the detachable stock and tactical rails and you’ll be a whirling torrent to be reckoned with.

That wraps up the top Nerf gadgets, explore and visit the site again for more fun and interesting toys!

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