Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz – World’s First Active Noise Canceling Headphone to Use Wood

Not too happy about the headphone you’re using right now? Well, we already featured a number of headphone choices here at Geekie, so you do have lots to choose from. Anyway, let us add more to that – this time it’s from Tivoli Audio, a leading name in manufacturing beautifully-designed, simple-to-use, high-quality audio products. People over there at Tivoli Audio know exactly that noise can be so distracting when you’re listening music via your earphones. And so, they add this noise-canceling headphone to their line and it’s called Radio Silenz.

True to its name, Radio Silenz ensures that noise is way out of your headphone when you’re listening to your favorite playlist. This is actually dubbed as the world’s first active noise canceling headphone to use wood housings instead of plastic. The change in material, though, never gets in the way in terms of sound quality and resonance. In fact, this even provides higher quality audio than other headphones you know. And it’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear, too!


– Available in 3 beautiful wood finishes: Walnut, Cherry, and Black Ash
– Designed with real wood housings provide a more natural sound
– Reduces outside ambient noise by up to 85%
– Can be used with noise cancellation on or off
– Provides up to 50 hours of operation on a single AAA battery (included)
– Lightweight, comfortable fit
– Comes with padded ear cups lasix natural alternatives that rotate 90 degrees and upward for easy packing
– Travel pouch included
– Defeat button temporarily overrides noise cancellation and audio

Interested to get one? Check out more Tivoli headphone products here.

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