Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Experience

These days, smartphones and mobile computing devices play a huge role in our daily lives thanks to mobile broadband from telephone providers and services like CLEAR Internet. From social networking to viewing and sharing videos, mobile computing plays a prominent role in how we interact, share experiences and process information.
How are we supposed to optimize our mobile Internet experience? And what are some ways to ensure that our mobile experience is one reflective of the current state of a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape?
Upgrade your phone
If you’re still browsing the web on your smartphone from 2008, it’s likely that you’re missing out on the full capability and functionality of the mobile web. Older phones have slower processors and are egregiously slow when it comes to loading webpages and handling multimedia. Upgrade your phone to a newer model in order to get the best mobile experience.
Keep applications updated
Just having a nice smartphone and fast Internet connection isn’t enough. Applications require consistent updates to address different glitches and to implement new features. If you still have last year’s version of Twitter on your iPhone, it probably isn’t as efficient as the updated version. Keep your applications updated for maximum functionality.
Monitor usage to avoid throttling
A common misconception in the mobile computing world is the concept of “unlimited data.” Although most data plans don’t include extra charges when you exceed a certain amount of data, you’re penalized in another way. Once you pass a certain threshold of Internet use, your phone provider will slow down your connection – often significantly – to help compensate them.
This move by the phone companies is called “throttling,” and can severely hamper your connection in situations when you need it – when you need to make an urgent bank transfer, for example. To avoid throttling, monitor your usage and use your mobile connection conservatively.
Use Wi-Fi when it’s available
Although 3G and 4G Internet connections are adequate for performing most mobile Internet functions, it’s not necessary to use your data when a Wi-Fi connection is available. If you’re at home, at your office, or on campus, make sure you’re using Wi-Fi when you browse the web, stream music or watch movies on your phone. Not only is the connection often faster, it can help you save data so you’re not subjected to throttling later.
Don’t waste Internet or subject yourself to a subpar experience. Use the 4 tips to ensure you get the most out of your mobile experience.

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