Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW – The Extreme Wii Controller for Extreme Board Sports

Do you want to ride your skateboard or snowboard all year round? Did you ever dream of doing all those X-Games flips and spins like Tony Hawk or Shaun White without the risk of breaking something inside your body? Yes you can with the Thrustmaster T-Freesyle NW – the ultimate skateboarding and snowboarding controller for Wii. With the T-Freesyle NW, you can experience extreme game actions, land perfect moves, and link tricks one after another right at the comfort of your own house. This controller enables Wii extreme gamers to pull-off freestyle tricks and precision controlled runs with a sense of freedom that’s close enough as the real thing.

The Thrustmaster T-Freesyle NW is carefully crafted to provide the closest experience of riding an actual skate or snowboard. It is made of genuine maple wood, just like real boards, to deliver the perfect combination of flexibility and resistance. Conquering in-game half-pipes, rails, and trails has never been more realistic in Wii with the T-Freesyle NW. Thrustmaster used Rolling Motion Board technology which allows realistic lateral movements and Safety Stopper technology which eliminates risks of tipping over for added safety. This device also features a cool Skull logo to reflect the rebel culture of skateboarding. To use the T-Freestyle NW, simply attach it to the balance board and get on it to play your favorite skateboarding or snowboarding games with a new level or realism.

Get the Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW here!

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