The Only Flameless Grill Smoker – Look Ma! No Flames!

Imagine grilling food without flames coming out from your coal. Not possible? It is with the use of The Only Flameless Grill Smoker.

True to its name, this geek gadget really allows you to grill foods without the use of flames. It’s basically an oval cylindrical smoker that features 8 s-shaped vents on the lid, which allow just enough oxygen, so the device produces not flames but only smoke. This, then, makes the perfect

grill for families with kids who are used to grilling food because they need not worry about their kids getting burned by the flame while grilling.

Now, how about the flavor? Perhaps, you’re worried if food grilled using this would taste just the same with that grilled on flame. Well, there’s really nothing to worry about because as a matter of fact, the smoke emitted by this is a flavor-enhancing smoke, so what you get is more concentrated, robust flavor for your favorite foods.

Planning to go on camping with the family over the weekend? Or are you thinking about inviting friends over for some grilling session on Sunday? If yes, then it’s good if you have this flameless grill smoker around, so you get to enjoy grilling more. This typically measures 14″ L x 2 1/2″ W x 1 3/4 and weighs 1.33 lbs, so you can definitely carry it anytime, anywhere with such ease and convenience. And since it’s made from durable 20-gauge 304 steel, you can expect that it will last long even if you regularly place it on top of hot coals or gas burners.

Get The Only Flameless Grill Smoker here today.

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