The Magic Feet – Charges Three Apple Devices at Once

Going wireless can bring so much convenience. That’s why Apple introduced its wireless accessories such as the Wireless Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse. Apple users now enjoy using their Apple gadget more as there’s no need for them to worry about entangled wires and limited movement. However, since these gadget accessories have to be recharged from time to time, it can be quite an inconvenience for you to charge them one at a time or maybe at once but using three different chargers. So Mobee Technology introduced a solution to this – the Magic Feet!

Intended to sit under your monitor or iMac, the Magic Feet is the ultimate solution to charging three different Apple devices at once. So, if you’ve got an Apple Wireless Keyboard, Apple Magic Trackpad, and Apple Magic Mouse, it’s high time you take advantage of this new gadget accessory to save time and effort. How long will your devices be charged? Well, from empty, it will take you about 6 hours, but each charged device will last for 10 days, so that’s definitely an added convenience.

How about installation? Well, this product is actually very easy to install and use – so in no time, you can start using it. And since it’s cost-effective and eco-friendly, you get to help the environment in your own way. It’s designed to add four USB ports to your MAC, so it basically includes everything that you need from a gadget accessory.

Enjoy all these benefits by ordering the Mobee Magic Feet here today!

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