Telcare BGM – The World’s First Wireless Glucose Meter

If you’re looking for a glucose meter to use for the first time or planning to replace your old monitor, then you may want to consider Telcare BGM. Dubbed as the world’s first wireless glucose meter, this one comes with many new and exciting features such as automatic transmission of readings to your secure online portal, actionable feedback delivered after every test, supplies re-ordering through the meter, free cellular connectivity, and meter and test strip insurance coverage.

Basically, the Telcare BGM is a standalone cellular-enabled glucose meter. Yes, it does not require an iPhone or any cables at that! All you have to do is to setup an account at, a software system developed to help you monitor your blood glucose, and the Telcare BGM will start sending your BG results automatically to your account. The secure server of will then message the meter back with objective feedback, so you’ll know if your BG is still within your target range or not.

And you know what’s more exciting about this product? It’s the free downloadable MYTelcare App for this wireless glucose meter. So with this, you need not do manual logging, and you can start sending personalized reports and step up your trend analysis. Plus, you can easily connect with family and peers, so you can share the good news of maintaining your BG in target range in no time.

With all these features and more, you sure won’t regret getting this all-new Telcare BGM. But if you want to see more options first, feel free to check out other glucometer options here.

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