Tankbots – Your Smartphone Controlled Desk Pets

Going to work everyday does not have to feel like a dreaded chore. If you just know how to play at work – that is during break time of course – you’ll definitely feel less bored in the workplace. We, here at Geekie, understand your woes as an office worker. Clocking in at 8am and waiting for the clock to strike 5, from Monday to Friday at that, can really take the toll on you. So, to make the workplace a lot more desirable place to work in, we feature here today yet another geek tech toy that you can let loose for you and your officemate’s entertainment. Introducing the Tankbots!

Aren’t they cute? Yes, their size and colors are pretty cool, and what’s more exciting about them is that they can be controlled by none other than your smartphone. All you have to do is to attach the universal remote to your smartphone, use the free Desk Pet app, and that’s it! You will sure love looking at one of these Tankbots making its way through your desk clutter.

Product Specifications:

– Available in four different colors (Grey,Blue,Orange,and Green)
– Uses Advanced optical navigation technology
– With light-up eyes and robot sounds
– Three modes: touchless navigation, autonomous personality mode, smartphone control
– Compatible with iOS devices and Android devices (2.1 and up)
– Download the free app from the App Store or Android Market
– With built-in USB flip out connector to recharge using your computer
– Automatic shut-off after 3 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life
– Batteries: Internal rechargeable battery (40 minutes charge for 15 minutes play time)

Order the Tankbots here!

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