Take your iPad Gaming to the Next Level with the Duo Pop

To all iPad owners out there, here’s another good news for you! Now, you no longer have to rely on all those free apps just to enjoy gaming with your iPad. With this newest addition to your already cool gadget, you can┬áconnect with family and friends for fun-filled, fast-action, heads-up gaming like no other. And it’s called the Duo Pop.

To give you a clear picture of what this Duo Pop can do for you, well think of a game show where each of the 4 contestants has to hold a hand buzzer. Now, whoever buzzes first and answers the question correctly gets a point. Know a game show like that? I bet, you do! So this is how the Duo Pop basically works. Multiple players, let’s say you and your kids or maybe you and your colleagues, compete to be first to pop the Duo Pop Poppers, and then whoever correctly answers the questions wins. That easy! This is sure going to be a lot of fun, and yes, the Duo Pop will make family bonding moments even more memorable. Just a quick reminder though: make sure you put the square device next to your iPad’s microphone and not the home button.

So iPad lovers out there, kids and adults alike, there’s no stopping you now to take your iPad gaming to the next level. If you are already having fun playing with your usual iPad apps today, then wait until you try this new iPad accessory and for sure, you’ll say this is even more fun. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the Duo Pop here at Geekie now!

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