Suunto Ambit Black- Perfect for the Outdoor Explorer

Do you love exploring the outdoors? Are you into mountain sports and other extreme adventures? Are you athletic and into some sort of fitness training? If you answer yes to all these, then what you need are gadgets that offer durability and precision. There are actually lots of options for you to choose from – but if you’re searching primarily for one that has an integrated GPS and heart rate monitoring function, then the Suunto Ambit Black is just the perfect gadget for outdoor explorers like you.

At first glance, you might think that the Suunto Ambit Black is just another black model watch but it actually does more than just tell the time. This high-end watch is actually designed with advanced features – GPS with Waypoint navigation, unique 3D compass, accurate barometric altitude, barometer, and temperature for its specialized outdoor functions; FusedSpeed with accelerometer integrated GPS, accurate vertical speed with barometric altimeter, heart rate monitoring, online sports diary, and Suunto Bike and Cadence PODs compatibility for its advanced training functions; and robust and highly durable casing, enhanced battery life, water resistant, and upgradeable with new functions for its mountain and everyday exploration functions. And since this is offered in black, it will sure make your look more tough and rugged, which is just perfect for adventurous type of guys like you.

So you see, this watch is definitely no match to your old watch that is not durable enough for outdoor exploration and works perhaps only to tell you time. Check out the Suunto Ambit Black and other related products here now!

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