Support Your Child's Developing Mind with VINCI Tab II M Tablet

The early stages of childhood are critical to the child’s cognitive and social develo

pment that’s why this is the best time to help and support your child in these aspects. One brilliant way to engage, empower and educate children is by using fun learning tools by VINCI Tab. Lighter than the 7-inch VINCI Tab model, the VINCI Tab II M features a 5-inch touch screen that is fully compatible with VINCI Curriculum apps. All these three VINCI early learning tools, VINCI Curriculum, VINCI Tab and VINCI Tab II M, provide effective step-by-step learning structure which covers 43 learning subjects and 3 assessment levels that cover all 6 major aspects of a child’s developing mind such as Thinking Skills, Emotional & Social Skills, Language & Literacy, Math & Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Science.

The VINCI Tab II M is the only Android tablet that supports VINCI Curriculum apps offering multi-language settings like English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. The tablet can be networked to up to 4 VINCI Tab M tablets so learning can be

shared to friends and family. Playing games, building puzzles, and social interaction would definitely be a fun learning experience. Aside from functioning as a learning tool, the VINCI Tab II M can be used as a regular tablet for high quality internet browsing, emails, social networking, HD videos, music playback, and also graphic acceleration to support 3D gaming. All of these through the tablet’s Wi-Fi and parent log-in features. The VINCI Diary shows the Age Norm reference guide to help parents track and monitor the child’s progress and also to create your child’s personal story book.

For safety and durability, the tablet comes with patented safety handles. It also has 8GB capacity while the Curriculum SD card packages are sold separately.

Give your child fun learning tools, get a Vinci Tab II tablet now!

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