Striiv – Personal Trainer in your Pocket

Want to get fit and lose weight yet don’t have time to hit the gym on a regular basis? Well, why not get a personal trainer? You can sure find motivation through a personal trainer, but make sure you’re prepared to pay the price. Don’t have the budget for one? Then, you better start motivating yourself or you’ll end up gaining more pounds than losing them. But hey, why not get a motivation somewhere else? You see, cool gadgets aren’t just for entertainment alone. In fact, some gadgets such as health gadgets are designed for more personal purpose like getting fit and losing weight. Here, check out Striiv – the personal trainer right in your pocket!

Striiv is an easy-to-use, lightweight, little car-key-sized device that you can put anywhere on your body such as your purse, belt, pocket, or arm and works by motivating and encouraging you to get moving and achieve results and be rewarded for doing so. It’s actually designed for you to do more walking – like an average of 3 miles a day for 60 minutes. Without Striiv, do you think you can achieve this average? I bet you won’t. But with Striiv, you sure can as this gadget uses a highly addictive application that is built around your movement, so you will be motivated to move more. And guess what’s the best thing about this product? You get to help not just yourself but others as well! How? With every step you make, Striiv counts that and applies each step to helping others, yes and that’s no cost to you! Striiv and its corporate partners donate on your behalf, so don’t you just like that?

Getting fit and losing weight isn’t too expensive after all, don’t you think? And what’s best, you get to help others too! So, what are you waiting for? Get motivated by Striiv now!

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Striiv - Fusion Bio 2 Activity Tracker + Heart Rate - Black/Blue/Purple
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