Sports Sensors Glove Radar – Make It Your Next Baseball Training Buddy

Baseball training is not just about mastering the fundamentals of batting the ball but also about throwing it with the right speed and accuracy. That’s why, if you are into this sports, you must take throwing the baseball seriously and as much as possible work with someone who will measure its speed for you. But to make your training more effective, you have to make use of training gadgets such as the Sports Sensors Glove Radar – a small Doppler radar velocity sensor that you can attach to a baseball or softball glove.

Unlike the radar speed gun, this Sports Sensors Glove Radar does not require long range capabilities and responds to the approaching ball even before it hits the glove. This is usually worn by the catcher or receiver of the ball or by multiple tossing partners during training and is used primarily to measure the speed of the ball before it is caught. This can measure speed from 12 mph to over 100 mph and is proven to withstand impact of baseballs even if speed goes beyond 100 mph. And since this is packaged in a rugged plastic housing assembly, its internal electronics is guaranteed protected from all forms of dust, dirt, and moisture.

So on your next baseball training, make sure to use this glove radar your reliable training buddy. Take note: by learning the right way to train, condition, warm-up, and throw the baseball, you sure can achieve your best accuracy and velocity performance. So get the Sports Sensors Glove Radar here now!

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