Special FX Blaster – For Your Kids’ Fun Nighttime Game Time

Kids’ today are also into high-tech gaming stuff – you’d see some playing games either on a laptop or on a gaming console, while a few chooses to play with their dad’s iPad or their mom’s iPhone or smartphone. So at one point, you’d ask if there’s still something that would catch their interest apart from game applications on iPad, iPhone, etc. Good news is, there are still lots of stuff out there that would sure catch your little ones’ eyes just like this Special FX Blaster!

Yes, it may look like one of those typical toy guns you see at a toy store, but wait until your kids use it for their nighttime game time. You’ll be amazed at how colorful the lighting effects are that you’d almost feel like you’re watching a classic sci-fi movie. This rubberized shooter truly offers a unique science fiction look and a firm non-slip grip, so your kids will sure have a grand time playing with it in the dark. To enjoy those cool lighting effects, all they have to do is point the gun, pull the trigger, and see how the flurry of light flashes in any direction.

Hi-tech gadgets with lots of exciting gaming apps may have caught your kids’ attention more. But once they see the cool lighting effects from this equally cool gadget toy, they’d sure leave those gadgets to you, and just enjoy a fun nighttime game time with this. So, get the Special FX Blaster here now!

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Toysmith 84750 SPECIAL FX BLASTER Toy
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