Sony SmartWatch – A Smart and Stylish Way to Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

If you want to always stay connected anywhere you go, you need a reliable gadget that can let you do this. One of the handiest devices that you can easily bring anytime and anywhere is your smartphone. However, holding your phone might distract some activities you’re doing or you probably can’t attend to your phone since you might be carrying some other important things. Good thing, Sony now offers a stylish and clever way to stay connected through your smartphone by using the new Sony SmartWatch.

The Sony SmartWatch lets you be on top of your world by simply connecting the Sony SmartWatch to any Android 2.1 or higher smartphone via Bluetooth connection. It has a capacitive screen for inputs and notifies you of incoming calls, messages or other notifications from social networks. There are no complicated controls to stay connected, simply tap, swipe or press away using your fingertips. Additionally, the Sony SmartWatch can be an entertainment portal as it supports 60 applications so far like open-source music player and eight new cool games. You can even customize the SmartWatch by pairing it with your own wristband or the wristband included in the package. Plus, you can simply clip it. There are also other wristband options and chargers than you can see and buy online and

on other stores.

Aside from keeping you updated in your social life at a glance, the SmartWatch helps you find your phone when it gets lost or it acts as a regular watch to let you check the time.

Get your own Sony SmartWatch here now!

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