Sonos SUB – Hear and Feel the Difference

Just a couple of days ago, we featured here at Geekie the Sonos Play:5. So, what do you think about it? Super cool, isn’t it? Now, let’s give you more choices to that, and here’s another one from Sonos – the SUB.

Unlike the Play:5, this one only comes with two force-canceling speakers, but since they are positioned face-to-face, users can expect that all the sound and energy from the music they’re listening to comes through loud and clear and none of it is drowned out by rattle or any type of distracting noise. And if your old HiFi system just provides you with a different kind of listening experience, this one actually provides more than that. The Sonos SUB gives you not just a totally exhilarating listening experience, but also something that you feel right into your bones. Yes, the SUB lets you feel every chord, kick, splash and roll, so there’s no way you won’t appreciate the music your listening to.

Now you might think that this one is difficult to setup or use.

Well, it’s actually not, as it features one-button setup – yes, no wiring and programming needed! All you need to do is press one button, follow the prompt on the controller, and wait as the system automatically adjusts audio setting, so you get nothing but balanced sound quality. And since it’s wireless, you can use position it anyway you want – whether vertically or horizontally.

The Sonos SUB really provides a totally different listening experience that you don’t just hear but also feel. Check out more related Sonos Wireless HiFi System here.

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