SkyIPCam1500W Wireless N Night Vision Network Camera

Thinking about adding some form of security to your home? Then, why not install an IP camera? This is actually one of the most common forms of security these days, whether for residential or commercial use. But, you shouldn’t just use any type of IP camera for your home. It must be something that’s made more reliable – something like the SkyIPCam1500W Wireless N Night Vision Network Camera.

Designed to support real-time high-quality video and audio over the Internet, this SkyIPCam1500W will sure provide you with the daytime and nighttime home monitoring that you need. Yes, it’s perfect not just for daytime vision but also for nighttime use as it comes with infrared LED and auto light sensor control. So if you’re out of the house mostly at night, this is just the perfect device to help you keep an eye on what’s going on inside your property.

Other features:

* Comes with an easy setup button (WPS™ Compatible) for easy connection to existing wireless network
* Offers remote access from Web browser over Internet for live video/audio surveillance
* With free app “SkyIPCam” allows iPhone, iPad and Android phone users to monitor the camera anywhere, anytime over the Internet
* Boasts motion Detection with 2 Adjustable Windows
* Comes with built-in omni-directional microphone for real-time audio monitoring
* Supports FTP uploading and email alerts

So, why choose any other IP camera if this one offers more than just daytime vision? Equip your home with the SkyIPCam1500W Wireless N Night Vision Network Camera today!

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