Show What's Really on Your Mind with the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

Celebrating your birthday soon? Planning to throw a really cool birthday party? Want your birthday this year to be as memorable as possible? If you answer yes to all these, then why not throw a birthday costume party instead? Yes, this will be totall

y fun, and everyone will sure enjoy wearing colorful costumes to make your event truly special. Worried that this won’t turn out well? No need because it’s so easy to find really cool costumes these days. As a matter of fact, even as simple as these Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears can turn any party from dull to totally exhilarating.

The Necomimi is a cool headpiece that you can use during costume parties. But apart from being cute, it is also a fun party attraction that will sure catch the eyes of everyone inside the room. Why? Because it’s the only headpiece that can show what’s really on your mind. Impossible? It’s possible by using only the most advanced brainwave technology. And the Necomimi sure uses this – the cat ears usually wiggle to show how interested or relaxed the wearer is in real-time. It’s super cute! Simply concentrate and the cat ears will stand. Now try to relax a bit and the ears will go down, just like what happen to real cat’s ears when they’re relaxed.

This product is super cool, isn’t it? But it’s perfect not just for birthdays

and parties, it’s great for cosplay too! Can’t wait to use one? Then, get the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears here.

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