Shogun Bros. Chameleon X-1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse – One Device, Three Transformations

For sure, you’ve used different types of computer mouse since you started using a computer. This gadget accessory has really evolved, giving more options for all the users around the globe. So, if you are into gaming, perhaps you’ve secured yourself a gaming mouse. And if you’re always on the go, you preferred the wireless one. Now for your home or business PC, what do you use? Well, there’s really nothing wrong about owning two or more types of computer mouse for a variety of uses. But why get two or three if you can simply get one gamepad mouse, yet get to enjoy the same functions that all these other types of computer mouse do? Introducing the all-new Chameleon X-1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse.

One device, three transformations – this is what the Chameleon X-1 is all about. It actually works as a Wireless Gaming Grade Mouse, Wireless Gaming Grade GamePad – Force Feedback + 16 Buttons + 2 Analog Stick, and Wireless Remote Control and Presentation Unit in one. To choose from any of these 3 functions, all you need to do is to switch between mouse mode, gamepad mode, and presenter mode. In the mouse mode, you can use its seven programmable buttons and scroll in order to navigate files and other applications on your computer. Meanwhile, in the gamepad mode, you get to enjoy 16 buttons and two analog sticks in order to support all your computer games. The mouse click here is disabled, so you get all the convenience and functionality that you need from a gamepad that is actually a computer mouse. And lastly, in the presenter mode, this basically turns into a one-handed grip with Powerpoint show/slide control and cursor access or a one-handed home theater PC remote.

So, would you still settle on three different devices? Make that big switch now by ordering the Shogun Bros. Chameleon X-1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse here!

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