SHAVETECH Electric Razor – Clean Shave Anytime and Anywhere

Like clean pair of underpants, a trusty electric shave is one of the must-haves of a travelling man. For clean shaven travelers who want to be able to maintain their suave chin anytime and anywhere, the new SHAVETECH Electric Razor is for you. This innovative electric razor will change the way you shave whether you’re travelling or even at home. It features a smooth and modern design that is no larger than your average smart phone making it the perfect portable grooming accessory for every man on the go. Its sleek, lightweight, flexible, and compact design will allow you to carry this device anywhere without

being a burden.

The SHAVETECH comes in two cool colors – lustrous black and fresh white, both with brush silver accents. This electric razor uses USB charging technology so that you can virtually charge them anywhere. Simply plug it into any free USB port and you can charge it with ease without relying on bulky chargers and electrical outlet. Its USB recharging port tucks directly into the razor itself eliminating cable mess and ensuring that you have a firm grip whenever you’re shaving. SHAVETECH Electric Razor includes a soft pouch for protection and a handy cleaning brush to help keep it at its peak shaving capability whenever and wherever.

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Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor (Black)
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