Sharkoon Skiller Gaming Keyboard

The enemy approaches you hide out, you are outnumbered five to one but you are prepared. The element of surprise is on your side and you already played the scenario over and over again on how to outmaneuver. Nothing on earth could deny you of your incoming kills – not until you spring to action, unleashed a hailstorm of lightning fast finger movements to strafe and rain bullets onto your unsuspecting enemies and found out that your keys didn’t register, and you are now face down in the ground with a knife on your back. Gamer rage – yes, take it on your keyboard and get the new Sharkoon Skiller Gaming Keyboard for a change. This Skiller is a 3-block standard gaming keyboard with 107 keys and 20 more additional multimedia keys. It also has 8 swappable gaming keys and powerful customization software.

How would the Skiller help you stay alive in any battle condition? For starters it has N-key rollover support for up to 18 keys. Yes, with the N-key rollover you can mash your way or pull off lightning fast finger movements on the

supported keys and they would all register without as much as a hiccup. Not much of a key masher? The programmable keys have your back – flip, dive, roll, jump, summersault, and land with a bow by just pressing a single button. The keys can store recorded timed and delayed macros, macro loops, media and internet functions, keystrokes, and mouse functions.

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