Secure your Bag with the ila Handbag Hook

When you are at a bar or dining in a restaurant, where do you usually place your bag while sitting? At an empty chair beside yours? On the floor? Or on your lap for safekeeping? The last option could actually be the best, but it could also be very inconvenient. The first two, on the other hand, although they won’t be such a hassle for you, are not that advisable because you might end up losing your bag. So, what’s the solution then? Why not use the ila Handbag Hook instead to keep your bag always in sight?

The closer you put your bag to you, the lesser the chances that it’ll get stolen. So for your bag’s security, use the ila Handbag Hook and dine or drink with peace of mind while in restaurants or bars. Don’t be too confident that nobody will dare steal your bag from you if you place it on an empty chair beside you or on the floor under the table. These days, thieves are so clever, and they do know how and when they’ll attack. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

But apart from securing your bag from thieves, this hook is also effective at protecting it from early damage since you no longer have to put it on grubby floors. This is made sturdy enough, so no worries – it sure can carry your handbag well. And guess what, this comes with a built-in mirror too. So if you want to check your makeup, you’ve got one handy mirror there.

Get yourself the ila Handbag Hook today!

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