Seagate Slim Portable Drive – Slim Design, Brilliant Features

Are you thinking about getting a new portable drive? If yes, then you may want to switch to something that’s made slimmer but has the same brilliant features that you know in a portable drive. You see, slim design is everywhere in the geek gadget world – laptops, HDTVs, digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets. And so, Seagate, the leading name when it comes to hard drives and storage solutions, incorporated this slim design to their newest product called the Seagate Slim Portable Drive.

The name alone already says it all – slim design is indeed what this product is about. It’s actually regarded as the world’s slimmest portable external hard drive, so there’s no way you’d get any slimmer than this. So, you might ask, “How slim is slim?” Well, why don’t you take out your wallet and see how thin it is? Oh,not thin enough – then this Seagate portable drive is definitely slimmer. How about that pencil on your desktop? Oh, it seems like they match – yes this amazing drive is about as thin as your pencil, so this fits your bag easily and goes anywhere you want to.

Now, what about the other features? Well, apart from the slim design, this product also has easy backup feature, so you won’t lose any important file again. All you need to do is choose from two easy backup options in the Seagate Dashboard—scheduled or continuous backups—and

then that’s it!

Want to know more about this product? Then, check out the Seagate Slim Portable Drive here.

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