Scan Anywhere, Wirelessly with the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi

Have you ever experienced being out of the office one time, sipping coffee, and reading news via your iPad at a nearby coffee shop when all of a sudden you received a message from a client asking you to send a scanned copy of the document that he’s asking ASAP? It can be very frustrating to be interrupted at such a relaxing time especially if a scanner is way too far beyond your reach. So you’ve got no choice there but to finish that coffee fast and hurry back to the office. If only you have the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi, you won’t be going through that hassle and you’ll be enjoying that cup of coffee instead.

The Doxie Go + Wi-Fi is a tiny new scanner that allows you to scan all your papers anywhere, wirelessly. Yes, you can scan anywhere with this cool gadget – and mind you, computer is not even required! All you’ve got to do is to sync it wirelessly to your iPad, iPhone, or directly to the cloud, and that’s it! The Doxie Go plus the budled Eye-Fi wireless SD card makes that all possible!

You might say that this won’t be too useful as you will only use it for scanning important documents. Hey, this isn’t made for scanning documents alone! In fact, you can everything using this scanner – yes including bills, receipts, reports, drawings, recipes, business cards, photos, and everything else that you can think of worth scanning. This has a built-in battery that will keep you scanning anywhere and memory to store some of your files if you want to.

You’ll sure love the Doxie G0 + Wi-Fi if you do a lot of scanning. Here check out the related Doxie Go product today.

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