Say Goodbye to Damaged USB Plug Head with the Double U USB Port

Whether we use PC or laptop, chances are, at times, we shove in the USB plug from the wrong side, thus we have to shove it again until it finally fits. Actually, there’s nothing much to worry about if this only happens once, twice, or just a few times. But if this happens frequently, there’s a possibility that the USB plug head will get damaged early. You sure don’t want this to happen, do you? So, say goodbye to damaged USB plug head by keeping yourself equipped with a Double U USB Port.

At first look, you might think that there’s no significant difference between the double USB and the traditional one. But if you will look closely, you will notice that in the double USB, as its name implies, there’s a USB symbol on each side, which basically means that both sides can be plugged in to transmit data. So, there’s no need for you to identify the USB first before plugging just so you plug in the right side. And since it consists of two contact layers that expand and contract freely, this assures you that there’s always a layer that will touch the contacts of the fixed interface, no matter which side is up.

So, want to have this gadget accessory? Convenience will sure be right at your fingertips if you opt to switch to this product. But if you want to check out other options first, feel free to browse USB port products at Amazon.

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