Safely Charge and Sync your iPhone or iPod with Matias Tune Blocker

Bad things happen when you mindlessly try doing things in a rush – like completely wiping out your iPod or iPhone’s music, picture, or video collection because of an unintended iTunes sync gone badly. If that had already happened to you – don’t let it happen again. If that hadn’t happen to you before – don’t wait for it to happen to you. Don’t talk about it. Don’t even joke about it. The thought of losing an entire music library isn’t funny. Well, enough with the drama – the point is don’t be a victim, save yourself the trouble of rebuilding your entire music playlist and invest on the new Tune Blocker. This simple yet innovative gadget will allow you to charge your Apple devices without the risk of accidentally synchronizing to iTunes. Using a switch, Tune Blocker offers you the option to simply just recharge your iPhone or iPod without synching or while synching with iTunes. It can automatically block iTunes so that you can plug and unplug your iPod or iPhone at will with no annoying warning messages. This device will also enable you to safely charge from any PC or Mac without the risk of having your digital contents being overwritten.

When used with the switch set sync and charge, you can use the Tune Blocker just like any regular charging cable. It is also compatible with iPhone and iPod power adapters so there’s no need to bring an extra cable with anytime you need to charge or sync.

Recharge and sync with a peace of mind, get the new Matias Tune Blocker here.

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