Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand – Rock Solid Design and Engineering

When it comes to engineering, complexity, and artistry, other iPhone or iPad desktop holder can’t hold a candle to the new Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand. A seemingly empty boast until you see and place one on your desktop. This mechanical art piece is not just all about form, every bit of it is as functional as it gets for the perfect mechanical harmony. Furthermore, each Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand is manually assembled and checked to ensure the quality of its build then marked with a unique serial number as a proof of authenticity from Rokform.

Rokstand v1 Desktop Stand Features:

• Six available angle of adjustment
• Precise high-speed bearing and cam adjustment
• CNC machined from Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum
• Anodized finish for added durability and cleaner look
• Comes with soft rubber contact surface rings for softer feel and secure non-slip performance
• Can hold iPhone or iPad in landscape or portrait orientation
• With integrated speaker ports
• Supports standard iPhone 4 charger plug and can charge phone while in portrait
• Comes in a variety of colors

Why did Rokform spend time building such a seemingly simple engineering marvel and paid so much attention to the details of its design, it’s just a stand right? Well, you can only assume that the answer is because – they can.

You can get Rokstand iPhone Desktop Stand here!

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