Roccat Savu – Find Your Balance in Gaming

Attaining a perfect balance is hard enough to do in Yoga and harder still to achieve in gaming mouse design – but somehow the engineers of Roccat, a German manufacturer of professional gaming hardware and accessories, were in a state of cialis 100 mg Zen when they made the Roccat Savu. This mid-size hybrid gaming mouse comes with just the right balance of performance and custom features to make it into one of best gaming mice out there. Savu is powered by an advanced Pro Optic sensor with true 4000 DPI sensor making it one of the most precise optical gaming mice. Its R3 sensor offers a lag-free gaming experience and ultra-precise feedback for faster and smoother movements delivered with utmost accuracy. The Savu also features Roccat’s exclusive Easy-Shift Technology which basically allows gamers to assign two functions for each mouse button transforming this 7-button mouse into a 12-button mouse without the extra button clutter. Easy-shift also allows gamers to enter a sniper mode, a temporary state of reduced DPI to increase accuracy, with just a touch of a button. Savu’s two main mouse buttons also incorporate advanced Omron switches that feature consistent and precise pressure points, and add durability.

The external design of the Roccat Savu is all about customization and comfort. Extended gaming sessions are easy on the hand as Savu comes with an ergonomic right-hand thumb rest and soft-touch surface to keep gamers more focused on gaming and not pain management. With 16.8 million lighting colors to choose from, a color cycling feature, and a pulsating breathing function – no gaming session can be really called dull with Savu. For the stats and achievements hoarder, Roccat Savu marks the launching of the ROCCAT Achievements Display or R.A.D, an application that tracks, rewards, and even shares different mouse and game related accomplishments and milestones.

You can get a Roccat Savu here.

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