Remote Control Solar System Mobile – Play-and-Learn During your Kid’s Bedtime

If you want your kid’s room to be more conducive to learning, you better put educational materials to it. If your kid is interested about astronomical topics, getting a motorized solar system like the Light Up Solar System Mobile is a perfect gift you can give. The Light Up Solar System Mobile is one great way to let your son or daughter think astronomically and take an interplanetary tour inside the room!

The Light Up Solar System Mobile is a ceiling-mounted mobile of the solar system that includes nine planets and a sun in their full stunning detail and color that every kid would surely love. The nine planets rotate around the lighting sun making the Solar System Mobile more fun to use. There is a 15-minute audio CD that offers a guided tour to the solar system and an infra-red remote control with built-in light pointer. An automatic shut-off turns the device off after 15-minute operation.

The Light Up Solar System Mobile measures about 42 inches which make it perfect to mount to the ceiling of your child’s room. You can turn off the lights at bedtime and make the night a play-and-learn time before your kid or children go to sleep. The motorized solar system is also a perfect gift for your loved ones obsessed on interplanetary gadgets.

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