Razer Project Fiona – Experience Full PC Gaming in a Tablet

Last year Razer showcased the Razer Blade, the world’s first true gaming laptop that boasts switchable User Interface and powerful performance. Now, after more than a year’s worth of waiting for the elusive machine is still well – elusive. And even before you get the chance to see the Blade hit the store shelves, Razer showcased another portable gaming machine the named Project Fiona. Yes it’s sexy, green, deadly, and probably can beat Shrek seven ways to Sundays when it comes to brute power. The new Razer Fiona Gaming Tablet is in a whole new level compared to your Apples and Droids; it would slice right through common office task, general browsing, and casual gaming like an Adamantium claw through butter. Designed as a gaming PC in a tablet’s clothing, Fiona can take on the latest and most popular PC games today using innovative controls and pretty powerful hardware like the latest third generation Intel Core i7 chips. Project Fiona doesn’t need games to be ported, optimized, or specifically developed for a tablet in order to play them. Any games that can run on a PC should perfectly work on this concept gaming tablet, it offers gamers an opportunity to play the latest and hottest fames in a new portable form factor – a feat that’s never been done before.

Razer Project Fiona will have a fresh hybrid user interface scheme and will feature integrated twin game controllers with full-force feedback and highly responsive analog sticks. Gamepad-based games will be supported right out of the box. Aside from the gamepads, gamers can also interact with their favorite titles using the accelerometers and multi-touch screen.

Loaded with powerful hardware and multiple control and navigation options, Project Fiona PC Gaming Tablet is sure to deliver one of the most immersive game experiences on a tablet. This tablet is estimated to hit the shelves on last quarter of 2012 at around $1,000.

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