Protect the Privacy of your Computer Monitor with EZ Secure

What can be more frustrating than to see your computer files got all deleted, and worse you don’t even have a clue who messed up with them? All you can remember is that you were in a hurry to leave your room because your friends were already waiting for you frantically outside your door, so you left your computer monitor on thinking that you won’t be out for long. Well, who could really be the culprit? You could spend hours thinking but that would be a total waste of time. So to avoid this same scenario, better use an EZ Secure Proximity Computer Lock next time you’d be away from your computer monitor.

As its name implies, this product works primarily by protecting the privacy of your computer monitor. You see, when you’re not in front of your PC, anything can happen – to your files, software, etc. That’s why, it pays to have some form of security such as the EZ Secure. This can actually give you that peace of mind, knowing that even when you walk away from your computer, there’s a remote that you can use to switch off your monitor and lock up your screen. And if you wish to return back to your computer, the screen will open and unlock immediately. No hassle! Plus, it’s very easy to useĀ and convenient to carry everywhere – in the key holder, in your pocket, or even inside your purse. Simply attach it on your key holder or clip-on to your shirt or pocket.

Get the EZ Secure here now!

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