Prepare for War and Honor Your Great House with Razer Artemis Concept Controller

In gaming, no other company knows the importance of gearing up for war than Razer. If you have the credits, Razer will always have the perfect weapon for you no matter what you’re playing – they are like the legitimate arms dealer of the gaming world. Their weapons are found everywhere, from international nuclear crisis, wars of the old Republic, revolts in Koprulu sector, to the retaking of the Citadel. Now, Razer is preparing another weapon to help you dominate another galactic conflict set on the BattleTech universe. Introducing the new Razer Artemis, a concept controller for the upcoming MechWarrior Online made to give pilots the competitive edge on every mech battle. This controller is designed to put gamers into the cockpits of their favored Mech and immerse themselves on the dangers of the battlefield to eventually earn victories for their chosen Great House. Using the Artemis’ fine-tuned keys and ergonomic controls, every pilot can be more efficient and lethal in robot combat.

The game MechWarrior Online puts gamers in the cockpit of the BattleMech – powerful war machines that can turn the tide of any battle. They can be customized to match your playing style using upgrade systems, weapon placements, and armor customization.

Razer Artemis Concept Controller Features:

• Mechanical keys for fast actuation and tactile feedback

• Integrated screen to keep gamers up to date with critical
in-game information

• Inter-device communications for better customization

• Ergonomic and adjustable design

• Force feedback for a more immersive gaming experience

• Programmable buttons

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