Portal Turret LED Flashlight with Sound

Thinking about giving a cool gift real soon? Well, you can always go the usual way, which is buying his favorite brand of shirt or perfume, or the not-so-usual way, which is giving him something unique yet a lot more useful for him such as when searching something in the dark or working underneath his car for some minor repairs. So, what’s your pick? If you choose to do the latter, then you might want to consider this nifty gadget called the Portal Turret LED Flashlight with Sound.

Have you seen turrents in games before? If yes, then more or less you are familiar with their looks and sounds. But this turrent is far from those you know since it does not include working dual machine guns. It does, however, provide users with a bright LED light, which is essential when searching for keys at night or when trying to repair something beneath their rides. Simply give it a squeeze and it’ll give you the light that you need, yes right when you need it! But hey, this works more than just a LED flashlight! It’s actually a fun gadget toy too as it explodes with sound effects straight from the Portal and Portal 2 games.

Here, check out the full specs:

* Bring a bit of Aperture Science home with this turret flashlight
* Bright red LED light will help you find all life’s lemons
* Real turret sound effects from the Portal & Portal 2 games
* Gift box looks just like the one in the Aperture Investment Opportunity #3 video
* Officially licensed Portal / Portal 2 product
* The Turret Talking Flashlight uses 1 CR2032 coin battery. (included)
* Dimensions: Approx. 3.5″ tall
* When the side button is pressed your little light up buddy will randomly say one of the following quotes.
– “Are you still there”
– “Preparing to dispense product”
– “I don’t hate you”
– “Target acquired”
– “Goodbye”

Want to give one? Order the Portal Turret LED Flashlight with Sound here today.

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