PocketLoops – Create your Own Music with your iPhone or iPod Touch

In the past, creating music required complicated equipment and was often done in music studios. But today, even at the comfort of one’s home, you can create your own music as long as you have the right gadgets, tools, and accessories on hand. So, what are some of these gadgets? Well, if you’ve got yourself an iPhone or iPod Touch, all you have to do is to combine it with this innovative called PocketLoops, so you can start creating music in as easy as 1-2-3.

Isn’t it great to be able to produce your own beats and melodies right at the comfort of your home? Yes, you don’t have to go through so much hassle as long as you have your iPhone or iPod Touch with you and this PocketLoops. It allows you to record in 1 or 4 bar loops and once you play your part, it will repeat it until you stop. It can also create beats and play keys – in fact, you can choose between 7 drum kits to lay down the perfect groove and you have 13 options for instruments, which include organ, piano, and synth. And to completely build that song, you can add up to 4 instrument per song and add effects such as Echo, Chorus, and an XY Filter Pad.

Product features:

* Create songs in a flash, share with friends
* Be your own producer – make your own beats and melodies
* Free PocketLoops app on the App Store
* Create loops, drum beats, and play instruments on the fly

To get the PocketLoops, simply click here.

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