Plug Any Mic to your Latest iOS Device Using iRig PRE

The use of an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad microphone is very much limited to talking to someone over a call, giving voice commands, or communicating with Siri. Although it gets the job done, Apple’s microphone is pretty much basic, no bling, no pissaz, and no nothing beyond the ordinary. For whatever reason you need a real microphone for your iOS device, consider the new IK Multimedia iRig PRE universal microphone interface. It’s the ultimate gadget for attaching any type of mic to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. It would allow musicians and recorders to simultaneously use a regular stage or professional studio microphone with their favorite recording apps on their iOS mobile devices. Microphones plug straight into the standard XLR port of the iRig PRE without the the need for additional wires or adapters. The iRig PRE’s adjustable thumbwheel precisely controls level settings and its integrated 9 volts battery supply the necessary power to operate studio condenser microphones continuously for about 15 hours. This microphone adapter also comes with a 3.5 mm standard stereo headphone port for monitoring output, a lightweight enclosure with connecting cable, and a hook-and-loop fastener for easy mounting on mic stands and other stage assembly.

The iRig PRE, like the other IK Multimedia products, is bundled with two free applications – the iRig Recorder, a user friendly sound recording and editing app, and VocaLive, a voice effects processing app.

In case you are looking for an iRig mic, visit GeekieStore.

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