playGo Ap1 – The Ultimate AirPlay Receiver

Looking for an AirPlay receiver? Then, why don’t you get this cool Airplay receiver that works more than just the typical receiver you know. It’s called the playGo AP1. Designed to support three important audio sources – AirPlay, DLNA, and USB – this Airplay receiver definitely provides you more than just great listening experience but also utmost convenience as its unique audio design allows you to connect your different music sources to the stereos you currently use or your powered speakers.

So, what really is the playGo 1? Well, it’s actually just like the usual Airplay receiver, the only difference is that instead of supporting audio stremaning from only one media source, this one supports audi streaming from almost all sources – thanks to its combined DLNA support and AirPlay technology feature! And since it wirelessly levitra in mexico streams audio from iOS devices to speaker systems through Ethernet or WiFi, users can enjoy maximum convenience as they no longer need to connect annoying wires or move heavy equipment for a high-quality audio experience.

So, what else is special with this product? Oh yes, since AirPlay is built into your current iOS device, the playGo AP1 syncs up and connects automatically – no special apps or accessories required! As a matter of fact, almost all of your favorite music apps like Rhapsody, Pandora, and Spotify have AirPlay support built right in. So, that’s convenience at its finest!

Want to have the playGo AP1 in your home network? Or do you want to check out other products first? Okay, click here for related AirPlay products.

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