Play with LEGO Some More with the LEGO Racers Alarm Clock

Remember those little interlocking building blocks that you use to play when you were a kid? Well, who wouldn’t? The whole world probably knew how to play this thing and most kids all over the globe had a taste of building something out of these blocks well. So, what did you build from all those LEGO blocks when you were a kid? An animal, a house, a castle? They were really cool, right? Now, why don’t you play with LEGO some more? Yes, that’s possible, not with the typical building blocks though but with this LEGO Racers Alarm Clock.

Actually, this LEGO alarm clock is designed with the kids in mind. But well, if the kid in you couldn’t resist grabbing this and putting it on your tabletop, then there’s no stopping you why you can’t have one of these LEGO clocks. So yes, it’s basically a tabletop alarm clock with backlight and snooze feature – and it would definitely look good as a nice addition to your room. Say goodbye to your old alarm clock and switch to this LEGO racers clock for a change. You’ll definitely relive all those childhood memories with this on top of your bedside table.

But if you don’t want that, well you can always get it for your kids. They’d be so excited to have something new to wake up to and play with every morning. So, why don’t you order this today? Purchase the LEGO Racers Alarm Clock here.

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