Play, Record, and Stream Videos with MediaGate MG-700DVR

Are you always arriving home too late for your favorite TV shows? Do you always forget to catch the re-runs? Are you tired of waiting for the TV show’s DVD releases just to see the episode that you missed? Then get a DVR! Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are consumer electronic gadgets that save you all the hustle and bustle of trying to catch your favorite TV programs on time. They can be programmed to record videos and save them to a storage media for later viewing. The best part is most models allow commercial-free recording and the capability! Not all DVRs are created equal; some like the new MediaGate MG-700DVR offers more than your classic video recording. The MediaGate MG-700DVR is a DVR with all the bells and whistles of a media player (and the other way around). It stores all your digital content in one location or storage media such as hard drives and USB drives. Using its HDMI output, you can even view your recorded shows in crystal clear 720 or 1080i resolution. MG-700DVR also has a wide range of playback support including additional file types like MOV/MKV/H.264 and RMVB files by using the bundled software to decode and stream these kinds of files from your PC to your TV.

Summary of Features:

· Support UPnP

· Support file transferring over network

· Optional Wi-Fi dongle for wireless connectivity

· Support high quality one key record and time shift record

· Easy firmware upgrade

· Logical User Interface for simple navigation

· LCD Screen on front panel

· Aluminum structure for heat dissipation

· Internal fan for hard drive cooling

Get the mediagate MG-700DVR here!

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