Play Music, Amplify Sound, Take Calls, and Recharge Devices using BRAVEN SIX Series Speakers

Additional speakers are paired with a device just to amplify sound but not anymore with the new BRAVEN SIX Series speakers. These new generation speakers revolutionize the function of speakers to adapt to the mobile life of users whenever and wherever they go. They not just add volume, they can also take calls and charge devices making the BRAVEN SIX Series dubbed as the world’s most talented speakers today.

The BRAVEN SIX Series speakers come in three different models, the Braven 650, Braven 625S, and Braven 600. Each of these speakers is designed for specific application but almost shares the same functionalities like letting you socialize your media, play and amplify music, take calls, and even recharge your device. The Braven 650 is an HD audio speaker, a speakerphone, and mobile phone charger in one that delivers powerful high fidelity sound to any room. It can provide up to 20 hours

of music playback, call time, and media soundtrack. This power bank can also be used for quick charging of USB mobile devices on the go. It is enclosed in aircraft-grade aluminum to stylishly complement any corner of the room. The Braven 625S is a shock-proof high fidelity audio speaker, speakerphone and mobile phone charger that is designed for outdoors. It can provide rich and powerful sound in open spaces and can also play music, take calls, provide soundtrack for other media, or recharge USB mobile device for up to 16 hours. It comes with LED flashlight, a lanyard, and a water resistant bag to keep users ready in any adventure. The Braven 600, on the other hand, is an ultra portable high fidelity audio speaker, speakerphone, and mobile phone charger that is encased in mountain ash or moab red anodized aluminum. It can give rich, room filling sound and can play music, take calls and charge USB mobile device for up to 12 hours.

All three models are Bluetooth enabled and are integrated with standard 3.5mm audio port to be connected to other non-Bluetooth devices. They can be daisy chained to even have bigger sound.

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