Pit Cherries Faster, Easier and Safer with Kid-friendly Cherry Chomper

The kitchen is one of the areas in the house that should be maintained and kept clean because this is where the foods are being prepared and served. But during food preparation and cooking, the kitchen may get messy especially the food preparation table. Good thing there are modern gadgets that make kitchen jobs easier, safer, and cleaner than traditional food ingredients preparation. Just like when you use the new Cherry Chomper, pitting cherries are now faster, easier, safer and mess-free too!

The Cherry Chomper removes stones out of the cherries through its spring loaded plunger that pushes pit out of the fruit without mess. Simply place a cherry in the Cherry Chomper’s mouth and push down on his head. The pitted cherry is left behind and he gobbles the pit and juice. You now have the cherry ready to use in desserts, salads and more. You can even pit more cherries you want without much effort while keeping your hands and fingers safe. The Cherry Chomper features tooth-shaped top with face on front, clear body, and oval shaped base viagra and three day delivery with 4 non-slip grip feet. What’s more interesting about this ingenious chomper is that it’s kid-friendly! Younger cooks can use it too!

Instructions and recipes are included in the Cherry Chomper package. It is made from durable plastic and can be even used on olives.

You can get a Cherry Chomper Pitter here at GeekieStore!

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